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This website is a repository for data concerning mandatory Diversity, Equity and Inclusion statements (DEI) that are being required by the University of California for appointment and advancement of faculty.

By clicking on the tabs above, you can find data related to individual UC campuses and to the entire UC system.  

Note: This website is not affiliated with the University of California.


On February 25, 2019 the systemwide Academic Council of the University of California endorsed a radical change in UC polices for hiring and advancement. They did so without the extensive review and call for consultation with faculty and Divisional Academic Senate Committees that such a significant procedural change would normally undergo. On March 12, 2019, UC system-wide Provost Michael Brown issued a letter to administrators at the UC campuses containing a set of recommendations on the use of statements of contributions to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) for UC academic positions. He requested that the Executive Vice-Chancellors "discuss with your deans the enclosed recommendations, how they can be implemented, and how to ensure accountability at the department, school, and campus levels."  Recommendations 1 and 3 in this document  are related to faculty hiring (require DEI statements, and use rubrics) and recommendation 6 is related to merits and promotions: "Campuses should implement, within two years, the use of DEI statements consistent with each campus’s use of research, teaching and service statements in academic review.”   Provost Brown's letter is at right.

While some of these recommendations were already in place at that time (most campuses already required DEI statements for job candidates) the requirement to use rubrics had only been used in pilot programs on a few campuses, and some campuses did not require DEI statements in merit and promotion actions.  

Over the course of the next nine months, various pieces of this directive were put in place. The implementation on the different campuses has been uneven and inconsistent.    In some departments and programs the full directive has been carried out, while other departments are hiring and advancing faculty as they have in the past.   Provost Brown has directed that compliance with this directive become mandatory "within two years". 

UC Berkeley has the most complete description of what this will entail for faculty hiring. Berkeley's Academic Senate has posted sample rubrics, and guidance on how to evaluate candidates, available at the UC Berkeley tab above.   The rubrics are posted at right.

While approved by the systemwide Academic Council, the recommendations have not been broadly discussed at the campus level by the Divisional Academic Senates and Committees. There has not been a widespread call for consultation, discussion and input, despite the fundamental changes that these procedures make to the most basic function of the university. To understand how extensive a change is being proposed to the entire faculty hiring and promotion system, look at the rubrics and reports from the campuses that have run these procedures in pilot programs, in particular UC Berkeley and UC Davis. See for example the report from a Berkeley 2018-19 Life Science search, posted at right.  

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